48 Devout Prayers And Bible Verses for Drawing Closer To God

In our busy modern world full of chaos, it can be easy to feel distant and disconnected from God. These prayers for drawing closer to God (combined with scripture that provides encouragement and guidance) can help any of us draw into a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Many Christians believe that doing good deeds, thinking good thoughts, and speaking kind words, is enough to be called a good Christian. While these deeds are indeed good, it lacks one thing that gives you the grace of God. And that’s calling upon God as your Savior and Protector. This is why you must include God in your daily life, actively seek Him out, and call upon Him on all days of your life.

Sometimes, when life becomes too hectic, you forget to talk to Him, pulling you away from his grace. So when you feel lonely, aloof, and distanced from God, it’s time you take a few moments of your day to pray.

Prayers for Drawing Closer To God

Prayer to Stay Away from Sins

Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray to you to help me stay away from sin. I know that sinning is a part of the Devil’s work, and each time I sin, it is one step away from You.

I do not want to distance myself from You, God, but sometimes the Devil’s work is much too strong. I do sin sometimes, and I am filled with shame and guilt.

Dear God, please give me the strength to walk away from the Devil. Please give me the courage to say no and stop myself whenever I am about to make a mistake in Your eyes.

Sin takes away Your presence in my life, and I often feel depleted, hurt, and lonely. I no longer want to sin, Lord, so please help me fight evil deeds.

I know that whenever I sin, I am being pulled away from You, creating a wall between me and You, God. Please help me break this wall so I can come over to You once again and be Your beloved child, God.

I need to stay away from sin to draw myself closer to You. So please, God, give me the strength and fighting spirit to stay away from the Devil and get closer to You, God. Amen.


Psalm 73:28

But as for me, the nearness of God is my good I have made the Lord God my refuge, That I may tell of all Your works.

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Prayer to Know Jesus Better

Dear God, as I start my journey into becoming a better Christian, I am reminded that if I want to draw closer to You, I need to get to know Jesus.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and I must get to know Him better if I want to get closer to You, God.

Please help me strengthen my passion for getting to know Jesus.

Help me learn His ways so that I may become Christ-like in thought and action. You loved us so much that you gave Your only son to save us, and for that, I am forever indebted to You, God.

I give my life to You, Lord, and no matter what I do, I know I can never repay You for everything You have given me. I can only repay You by living my life like Jesus, so please teach me how to be like Him.

Teach me to talk like Jesus, act like Jesus, and live like Him. It is my passion to experience the peace and love that You have for me, God. But before I reach that state of peace and pure bliss, I know I have to earn it first.

So now, God, I am going to start my journey to be Christ-like by getting to know Jesus better.

Thank you for showing me Jesus’ ways, Lord, so I can be closer and deeper in love with You, God. Amen.

Psalm 34:18

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are crushed in spirit.

drawing closer to god bible verse

Prayer to Allow God to Takeover My Life

O, merciful God, I pray to You tonight to take over my life.

I give to You, Lord, all my sadness, my frustrations, my anger, and my sins, and give them all unto You. I confess all my sins, my mistakes, and my shortcomings, God.

I am Your child but I am not perfect, so please, God, take over my life now so I can become a better Christian. I will no longer lose patience for things I do not have because I know You have plans for me, Lord.

I know You are working behind me to create the life You planned for me, so please take the wheel.

I will no longer try to control my life the way I want to. I am now laying down all my plans and waiting for Your grace. Please give me Your blessing and teach me to patiently wait for the life You made for me.

All my hopes, dreams, struggles, and source of sadness, I lay them in front of You, Lord. Please forgive me for my sins as I repent for my mistakes. I am kneeling before You, God, so You can steer me in the right direction of the path you have laid out for me.

Please take over my life, God, so that I may become closer to You as your beloved child. Amen.

James 4:8

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

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Prayer to Seek God Actively

Father, I pray that I may always be reminded to seek You, God, every day of my life. Please give me time out of my busy schedule to be reminded to thank You, lay down my sins, and ask for Your forgiveness.

I know that life may be stressful, but I also know that only You, O God, can give me the calm and peace I am looking for.

Please always nudge me in Your direction, whatever it is that life may throw at me. Seeking You actively, God means I must kneel down in prayer when I am in need of love and guidance.

But most of all, please create a mark in my heart that will call unto You whenever I receive Your blessings. Give me a hunger so strong that I seek for the Bible to seek You, Lord.

Create a burning passion in me, so I may seek Your Word and read Your scriptures every day. Seeking You, God, should be my basic need, like food or water, so please help me fill it with longing for You.

It is only when I read Your Word and pray to You, God, that I feel the strongest connection to You. So please, God, help me never to quench my thirst so I may seek You every day of my life.

Guide me to people who also seek Your love and guidance, Lord.

Help me find these people with whom I can share my longing and desire for You, God.

Bring me to a Bible study and church that actively seeks You, God.

So I may enrich my life with Your Word, Your teachings, and Your grace, God. Amen.

Zephaniah 3:2

She heeded no voice, She accepted no instruction. She did not trust in the Lord, She did not draw near to her God.

drawing closer to god bible verse

Prayer to Fill My Thirst and Hunger for God

Dear God, I am hungry to get closer to You.

My life has been filled with problems, one after the other, and I feel lost. I feel down, depressed, and lonely, God. And I know that You are the only one who fills the empty space in my heart.

When the world is turning its back on me, there is only one thing I know that can give me peace.

And it is You, God. Please fill my thirst and hunger for Your grace, love, and strength.

Help me to realize that You are the only one who can fill my heart with the satisfaction of pure love and grace. Whenever I am faced with problems, Lord, please fill my life with faith and patience.

The world can be messy, and although I may be down sometimes, I pray to You, call on You, and reach for You, God.

I know I can because I know You are there. So please, God, I am here so You can fill my hunger for You and quench my thirst so that I can have hope for another day.

Tomorrow, God, I will Call upon You again because I know that I need to get closer to You so you can fill my hunger each and every day.

Never allow me to be contented with calling upon You once or twice. But tell me the truth that seeking Your love is the only way I can truly be content, Lord.

I pray to you, God, each and every day for the remainder of my life. Amen.

Bible Verses for Drawing Closer To God

Ezekiel 43:19

You shall give to the Levitical priests who are from the offspring of Zadok, who draw near to Me to minister to Me,’ declares the Lord God, ‘a young bull for a sin offering.

prayers for drawing closer to god

Psalm 65:4

How blessed is the one whom You choose and bring near to You To dwell in Your courts. We will be satisfied with the goodness of Your house, Your holy temple.

prayer about drawing closer to god

Jeremiah 3:22

“Return, O faithless sons, I will heal your faithlessness. “Behold, we come to You For You are the Lord our God.

prayer about drawing closer to god

Psalm 16:8

I have set the Lord continually before me Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

prayer point for drawing closer to god

Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without ceasing,

drawing closer to god bible verse

Psalm 119:151

You are near, O Lord, And all Your commandments are truth.

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Hebrews 7:19

for the Law made nothing perfect), and on the other hand there is a bringing in of a better hope, through which we draw near to God.

drawing closer to god prayer point

Matthew 5:28

But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

drawing closer to god bible verse

Prayer Points for Drawing Closer To God

  • Pray that you would hunger and thirst for righteousness.
  • Pray that you will be filled with the Holy Spirit and walk in step with Him.
  • Pray that your eyes will be opened to see the things of God and His kingdom.
  • Pray that you have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to us.
  • Pray that you love the world or the things in it but that our affections would be set on things above.
  • Pray that you will become closer to God through His divine love.

It is not enough that we go to church on Sabbath day or do good deeds. As Christians, we must constantly seek out God so that we can draw ourselves closer to Him every day of our lives. Read the Bible, join Bible study groups, join missionary work, and create a personal relationship with God.

It is only when we accept God as Lord our Savior and Protector that we create a deep relationship with God, and that is done when we seek Him actively, whether He has blessed us, or is telling us to wait for the life He planned for us.

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