48 Saintly Prayers And Bible Verses for Kid’s Bedtime

Prayer has such a special place in the lives of Christians. It is the best way we talk to God, who is always there to listen and give us the answers to our prayers. If we are blessed enough to care for children, we must help them develop the habit of prayer and learn to talk to God. As you pray together before bedtime, you can explain to your child what the prayer means and what it is for. While you can teach your child a memorized prayer, it is always better if they came up with their very own each night, which helps them express what their heart truly feels and desires.

Praying with your kids at bedtime sets the foundation for a life of worship and praise. These are some simple (and fun) prayers to help them start.

Bedtime Prayer for Children

Prayer For Another Day’s Blessing

Dear God,

Thank you for today, For I enjoyed my day.

I had yummy food to eat, And great friends to meet.

And so I am about to close my eyes. I am excited to see the skies

Once I wake up in the morning. So, please, God, bless me tomorrow and thank you again for everything.



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When it comes to bedtime prayers for kids, many parents struggle with what to say. They want their children to feel close to God, but sometimes it’s best to keep things as simple and fun rhyme! These tried-and-true prayers and Bible verses can help your child drift off to dreamland.

Prayer to Keep Me Safe in the Dark

Dear God, it’s bedtime again, and mommy is about to turn off the lights. I know you are there for me, God, but I can’t keep feeling afraid.

What if there’s a monster under my bed? What if there’s a monster in the closet? What it there’s a monster in the window?

I am scared of the dark, Lord, but knowing you are watching over me makes me feel safe.

I know when I close my eyes, you will be standing here to drive the monsters away. I know you will protect me, God, so there is nothing to worry about in the dark.

Just because there’s no light, it doesn’t mean you are not there. You are strong and powerful, and I know you will defeat the monsters when I sleep.

And I am your child, God, so I know you won’t let anything happen to me. Because you are here, I will no longer be afraid.

Mommy told me I am safe in the dark because you are here. So tonight, dear God, I am praying so you can hear my plea.

Please keep me safe in the dark so that I can sleep peacefully.

Thank you, God. Amen.

Prayer for the Gift of Rest

HI God, it’s me again. I am now tucked in, and mommy is praying here with me.

Today was a great day. I had a fun time at school, surrounded by good friends. I enjoyed my snacks, which my mommy prepared for me.

Thank you for today, God, because I enjoyed my day. I did my homework, cleaned up my toys, and helped mommy with the dishes.

I played with my toys, read my books, and watched some shows. I bathed, brushed my teeth, and put on my pajamas.

And now I am tired and sleepy, Lord. Thank you for the gift of rest so I can do it again tomorrow. Thank you also, God, for giving my mommy rest so she can take care of me tomorrow.

Thank you for giving my friends and teachers rest so we can enjoy school again for another day. And thank you for giving rest to the world so that everyone can enjoy tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day again, God, and I am excited to enjoy time with friends.

Tomorrow is another day, God, and I am excited to eat my snacks.

Tomorrow is another day, God, and I am excited to play with my toys and read my books.

So thank you for tonight, God, for giving me rest so I can enjoy another day tomorrow. Amen.

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Prayer to Thank God for His Love

Dear God, thank you for your love. Because of your love, I am blessed each and every day.

Whenever I look into the dark sky and see the stars, I imagine your love for me is much bigger. The teacher says there are billions of stars in the world, but mommy says it’s nothing compared to your love for us.

Because of that, I know you will always love me and keep me safe. Mommy said that you love all of your children, including me. She said that even if I am bad sometimes, you still love me, and I am happy that you still do, God.

When I’m bad or good, you still love me, God, and I can go to sleep knowing that your love for me is eternal. Sometimes I don’t know the answer when I go to school, but that’s okay because mommy said you still love me.

When I make mistakes, it’s okay because mommy said you’ll love me whether I’m smart or not. So I go to school knowing that whatever happens, you are here to love me, whether I do well or not. As I fall asleep tonight, God, I feel calm and safe knowing that you love me just the way I am.

Thank you for your forever love for my mommy and me because I know she makes mistakes, too.

And sometimes, we feel bad that we’re not good enough, but knowing that you love us no matter what makes us happy. So thank you, God, and I am looking forward to waking up again tomorrow to feel your eternal love for me. Amen.

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Prayer for My Friends and Family

Hi God, how are you? It’s me again.

First, thank you for giving me a good day today.

Thank you for giving me food to eat, a house to call my home and plenty of toys.

I have everything I want. God and mommy told me to thank you every day before I go to sleep. But there’s one other thing I want to thank you for, and that is for my friends and family.

Thank you for giving me friends in school and a family to come home to. But most of all, thank you for giving me Your Love through them.

Please, God, bless my friends and family. I love them so much, and I know you love them, too. They make my day so much better, and I can’t live without them.

Please take care of them so they can take care of me. Give them a good home, good food to eat, and plenty of toys, too. I want them to be just as happy as me, and I pray that you bless them the way you blessed me today.

Thank you, dear God, for giving me my loving friends and family, and I pray that you give them great friends and a great family, too. Amen.

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Prayer Points for Kids Bedtime

  • Pray together for God’s protection as you both sleep.
  • Pray for sweet dreams and a pleasant morning.
  • Pray for God’s presence overnight.
  • Pray that you both might come together in prayer the next night.
  • Pray that God will show you perfect peace and guard your hearts and minds overnight.
  • Pray that He would give the child peace as they sleep, knowing God is always by their side.
  • Pray that God sends his angels to watch over them.

As you transition from memorizing or reading prayers to creating your very own, use these prayers as a guide to get started on your child’s bedtime prayer habit. I’ve seen a tradition at night like this become prayers for adult children later in life.

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