5 Encouraging Prayers For A Friend’s Job Interview

Is your friend preparing for a job interview? Offering him a prayer would be a great act of encouragement.

Job hunting is already stressful, so offering prayers for a friend’s job interview is really beneficial. They can help your friend become more confident and relaxed.

When you pray, take the opportunity to thank God for allowing your friend to work and serve Him in whatever way He chooses. Thank the Lord for the blessings of family, friends, health, and all the other good things in life. Ask Him to use this time to strengthen your friend spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Likewise, seek the Lord’s guidance and wisdom for the interviewer’s assessing abilities.

Letting go and allowing God to take control can be difficult, but it’s worth the peace that comes with knowing that your friend is in His good hands. Express your gratitude by offering these prayers to and for your friend!

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A Friend’s Job Interview Prayers

Prayer For A Friend’s Job Interview

Almighty Father,

I come before You to pray for my friend’s job interview. I ask that You let Your Son, Jesus, walk with him as he starts this new journey in life. Let Him provide my friend with the right words to say and the strength to answer any question confidently.

I also pray that the interviewer will be drawn to my friend’s positive attitude and be impressed by his qualifications. I pray that my friend will get the job he desires and that it will be a source of great joy in his life.

I thank You, Lord, for guiding my friend through this process and I praise You for Your goodness.


Prayer For A Successful Interview For A Friend

Heavenly Father,

I come to Your holy name to pray for my friend’s success.

I pray that he will be able to answer all of the questions with great confidence and composure. I pray that he remains calm and collected throughout the interview. I pray that he leaves a good impression on the interviewer as he offers his best for the job he desires.

Allow it, oh Lord, that the interviewer would see his full potential and recognize his skills and abilities. May the interviewer feel the positive energy radiating from my friend so that he will be given a chance to fulfill this job.

Grant us this wish that he will be successful at the end of the interview. All these, through Christ, our Lord.


Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6–7 (NIV)

Prayer For Interview Success

Dear God,

My friend is seeking a job that he really desires. He knows that this interview is important, and he wants to be successful. I pray for guidance and wisdom as he goes through it. I also pray for the interviewer to be able to evaluate his qualifications and work experiences carefully.

Together, we ask for Your holy power to guide him during the interview so that he can be at his best. He really wants this job, and we know that with Your help, he has a chance of getting it.

We deeply pray for his success in the interview and for the strength to do his best.


Prayer For A New Job For A Friend


I come before You to sincerely pray for my friend who is going on a job interview. I ask that You give him the wisdom and knowledge that he needs to answer the questions well. I pray that You give him confidence, and I wish that his interviewer would be impressed by him.

He has long waited for this moment to arrive. I have witnessed his struggles while searching for a new opportunity to come into his life. Let this new job be a way for him to serve You endlessly and untiringly.

I ask all of this in Your name.


Prayer For Your Friend’s Success

Father God,

I pray for my friend’s success in his job interview in this prayer. I am deeply aware of how he is well-qualified for the position, and I am confident that he will do great.

I ask that You give him the wisdom and confidence he needs to be able to answer all the questions correctly. Bring him peace as he prepares and goes through the whole process. I also pray that the interviewer would be impressed by his qualifications and would see how he would be a great addition to the team.

I ask all of this in Jesus’ name, who lives and reigns with You, forever and ever.


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Praying for someone during a job interview is a wonderful way of showing support and encouragement. Your friend has already gone through a very stressful experience when he was job hunting. So, now that he has found one that is ready to interview him, the least you can do is pray for his success.

We hope that these prayers for a friend’s job interview have helped you find the most appropriate for you and your friend. These prayers are meant to be uplifting, positive, and filled with hope. May your friend receive the guidance he needs in order to succeed. We wish you and your friend all the best!

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