9 Pure Prayers For Adult Children

Offering a prayer for adult children asks the Lord God to watch over your children when you’re not physically next to them. He can steer them, protect them and guide them when they feel lost.

Adult children can be difficult to pray for. We want them to make good decisions and lead successful lives, but we also recognize their free will and the fact that they are not always going to do what we want. So how do we pray for them in a way that is both effective and honoring to God?

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Praying for Adult Children

Protective Prayer For Your Adult Children

Holy Father,

I ask that my adult children will always be protected. I ask that they will be safe from physical and emotional harm. I ask that they will be surrounded by people who love and care for them.

I ask that they will find joy and happiness in all that they do. I ask that they will be successful in all their endeavors. I ask that they will know the peace and comfort of God’s love. I ask that they will always remember that I love them, no matter what.

I pray this in the name of Jesus,


Prayer For Grown Son

Holy Father, watch over my grown son and keep him safe.

I pray for my son, who is now a grown man. I pray that Jesus will guide him and give him strength.

I know that he will find a good wife and have a happy life. I also pray that he will continue to grow in his faith and love for Jesus.

Guide him when he feels uncertain. Hold him close when he feels lost or unsure.


God will supply every need of theirs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

Prayer For Grown Daughter

Dear God, watch over my daughter and watch over her shoulder.

I pray that she will be happy and healthy and that she will find success in whatever she chooses to do. I know that you are next to her.

I also pray that she will always remember that I am here for her, no matter what. I love her unconditionally, and I will always be her biggest fan. I hope that she knows how much I love her and that she knows I am always thinking of her.

Shine Your heavenly light on her. Send your angels to watch over her shoulder at all times.


Inspirational Prayer For Young Adults

Dear Lord God,

I pray for all young adults that they may find strength in Christ. I ask that His example may inspire them to live their lives with purpose and meaning.

May they always remember His love for them and may they find comfort and peace in His presence. May they be blessed with the wisdom, courage and divine presence to face the challenges of adulthood. May their hearts be open to each other and to receive His love.

May they know the joys of serving Him and the warmth of His love.


Spiritual Warfare Prayer For Adult Children

I come to you today, Lord, to ask for protection for my adult children.

They are facing many challenges in the world and I pray that you will give them the strength to overcome them. No barriers can stand before them when You are at their side.

I know that they are not perfect, but I believe that they have the potential to do great things. They are one of Your children. I ask that you will surround them with your love and care. I ask that you will give them the wisdom to make choices that are pleasing to You.

Guide them in their decisions and relationships. Let them find true happiness.

I ask these things in the same of Your holy son Jesus Christ.


Short Prayer For Family Members

Heavenly Father,

I pray for my family members going through a difficult time. May they find comfort and guidance from Your angels. May they find the strength to overcome and triumph in all challenges and obstacles.

May they find some peace and strength in knowing I am there for them and Your heavenly light shines on them. Help them feel Your unconditional love and know the joy of being with You. I pray that they may know the peace of being in God’s presence.


Prayer For Adult Children In Trouble

Dear God,

My child is in trouble and needs Your divine help. Give them the strength to face any and all challenges so they might rejoice in victory. Help them know the peace of Your love.

Grant them the wisdom of Your word and guidance so that they might live by Your will. Show them your way and guide them from harm at all times.

Watch over them, Lord. Grant them the grace of your angels and pour comfort into their hearts.


Marriage Prayer For Adult Children

I come before you in prayer, oh heavenly Father, on behalf of my child.

I pray that their marriage is happy and fulfilling. Bless them with a person who loves them as unconditionally as You do. Help them be strong in their faith and committed to their family.

Dear Lord, let their marriage be a source of joy and blessing for each other and those around them. We thank you for the gift of marriage, and I ask that you bless my child with the abundant love that they so rightly deserve.

In Jesus’ name.


Prayer For Your Adult Children To Love God

Heavenly God,

Help my child find the light and love of Your divine grace. Help them find the path toward You.

With all my heart, soul, and strength, I pray that they will find their love for You. I know they believe deep down but have not fully accepted their path yet.

Help them put their love for Christ at heart and help their faith lead them forward. Help them always do good and never give up in the faith of obstacles. Help my child return to God with a humble heart and open mind.


You might also offer a prayer for God’s love on behalf of your child.

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The Lord knows our love for our children. It doesn’t matter whether they are adults or newborns, we want the best for them and our prayers ask God to watch over them when we can’t.

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