5 Biblical Prayers For Adulterers

Adulterers. This word can trigger a lot of expressions and mixed feelings. While some may evoke disgust, others may elicit mercy. Whether you are the spouse who has been cheated on or the spouse who cheated, these prayers for adulterers can help you reconcile with God and ask forgiveness.

The Bible is pretty clear on its stance, “Thou shall not commit adultery,” but there are a lot of occurrences when even God forgave those who have committed it. So, remember that there is hope in communicating with God and surrendering yourself to Him.


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Adulterer Prayers

Best Prayer To Fight Adultery

Dear Lord,

I have been unfaithful to my spouse, and I am facing a great temptation to commit adultery. I pray that You will give me the strength and courage to resist this enticement. I am not perfect, but I want to be faithful to my partner and fight the urges inside me.

Only through Your grace can I defy the sinful thoughts and emotions running through my head. Fill me with Your light and guide me on the path of righteousness. Bless my soul so I may never forget the love I and my partner share.

I trust in You, Lord, and I know that You will give me the strength to overcome my shameful desires. May Your love keep me safe from harm as I continue down the road toward healing and redemption.


Prayer To Stop Adulterers

Lord Almighty,

I say this prayer for those who have committed adultery and those with a tendency to do it. I seek Your power and grace to stop them from giving in to their sinful desire.

Help them overcome the temptation of cheating with another; stop them from straying from the right path. If it seems that they cannot fight the urge, give them wisdom so that they can think straight. I know that they can resist the devil’s whisper with Your guidance.

Keep them faithful and pure, Oh Lord. Instead of the temptation, strengthen their desire to pour their love and affection into their spouses. Please give them the willpower to realize the sanctity and holiness of the sacrament of marriage.

I trust in Your infinite grace to protect them from harm, even if they have committed or were tempted to sin. May You fill their hearts with righteousness, peace, and everlasting love.


Prayer For Healing From Adultery

Father Almighty,

I pray for healing from the wounds of adultery. I ask for the strength to overcome the pain and betrayal I experienced. I call Your name to grant me peace in mind, heart, body, and spirit. I ask that You break any hold that the other person may have over me.

Oh Lord, I know that You are a just and merciful God, and I trust that You will use this painful experience to strengthen my faith. It tormented my heart and broke my soul, but I know that I will heal in time if I do not stray from Your road.

I lift all my hurts and sorrows to You, knowing that You will never abandon me. I know that Your love is far better than any other love, and it is more significant than any sin or darkness. I trust in Your power to heal my heart and bring me peace once again.


But a man who commits adultery has no sense; whoever does so destroys himself.

Proverbs 6:32

Prayer For Forgiving Adultery

Glorious Father,

I come before You today with a heavy heart and a humble spirit. I am struggling to forgive my spouse for his adultery. I know that I cannot move forward until I feel the weight of this burden lifted from my soul. Hence, I ask for the strength to forgive and understand.

I pray for wisdom, and I ask that You show me the true path to healing and forgiveness. First, allow me to see and accept the sincerity in my partner’s repentance. Then, please help me let go of the bitterness and anger that I feel. I know that only You can help me achieve that.

Forgive me for my sins, Oh Lord, as I try to pick up the broken pieces of my heart and soul. I know that only through Your grace and guidance will I be able to achieve the happiness and peace of mind that I have been wanting.


Prayers Against Adultery In Marriages

Heavenly Father,

We offer this prayer to those who are victims of adultery in their marriages. Our good wishes go to those who are in the process of healing and fixing their relationship.

Lord, these couples are going through a difficult time right now. They have been experiencing guilt, shame, and regret over their choices in recent months. It can be challenging to face these feelings on their own, so we humbly ask that You guide them as they try to reconcile.

Give their hearts the strength and wisdom to go through these tumultuous emotions. Bless their souls as they travel the path toward healing and redemption. You are a merciful God that can help them overcome this difficult situation.

Free them from their sins and grant them both mercy and benevolence. Let the one who erred have the courage to ask forgiveness, and let the one who was wounded learn how to forgive. May You bless their union with the gift of compassion, and may You help them build a new future together.

It is indeed rather arduous for this couple, but we know that they can find the love in their hearts that they once lost with Your grace.


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The violation of the sixth commandment is one of the most painful offenses that a man can commit. The Bible and most people condemn it, but it is still forgivable.

Whether you are the victim of the adultery or the one guilty of it, we hope that these prayers for adulterers can help you connect with your spouse and God again.

Take refuge in the warmth of His love while you figure out a way to reconcile with your spouse.

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