8 Blessed Prayers For Broken Marriage

Some marriages seem to be perfect from the outside, but we all know that marriages are often not what they seem. When a marriage falls apart, it can feel like the world is crashing down around us but the Lord God wants to help and support us. He wants us to stay together in happy and healthy marriages.

These prayers for a broken marriage ask God to hold both of you together. To heal your marriage and bring you both back together, stronger than you’ve ever been before. God is always present with us, and He desires to help us through our difficult times. If you are in a broken marriage, take heart – your prayers can make a difference.

You can repeat the prayers below or, if you prefer, play this video in the background and allow us to pray on your behalf.

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Broken Marriage Prayers

Short Prayer For A Broken Marriage

Dear Lord God,

I come before you today, Oh Lord, to ask for your guidance and strength. My marriage is broken and I turn to Your love and grace to fix it.

My marriage is going through a difficult time, and I need Your help to get through it. I know that You are the only one who can heal our relationship and make it stronger than ever before. Bind us together, Lord. Remind us of why we got married, to begin with.

Grant us both the wisdom to know what to do and the strength to do it. I know that we can get through this tough time if we lean on You.

In the name of Jesus, I pray for the sake of marriage, Lord.


Prayer For Healing A Broken Marriage

Father who watches above,

I pray for healing in my marriage. My marriage feels broken but I turn to You to heal it. I commit to working on myself and my relationship with my spouse.

Lord God, grant us the understanding and patience to fix things. Give us the strength in our marriage to work our way back to each other.

I pray that we may always be there for each other, no matter what.


However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.

Ephesians 5:33

Prayer For Fixing A Broken Marriage

I stand before you today, Lord, and ask for Your intervention in my marriage.

We are not perfect and have made mistakes, but deep down, we do love each other. We may have been harsh with our words or deeds, but we do not wish to stray from Your path and teachings.

We ask for Your forgiveness and for Your help in healing our marriage. Help us to repair the damage and bring us back together. I know that our marriage can overcome any obstacle with Your almighty and ever-loving help.

I love my spouse with all of my heart, and I pledge to honor our marriage vows from this day forward. With Your guidance and strength, I know that we can fix our marriage. We can be stronger than before.


Prayer For My Broken Marriage

Heavenly God,

I pray for my broken marriage.

Grant us both the calmness that can only come from You. Give us the strength to face each day and help us work honestly towards being closer again. Grant us the wisdom to know what to do, the courage to do what is right and heal our marriage back to what it once was.

I pray that Your will be done in our lives and that our marriage is strong forevermore. I pray that we would be an example of Your love. I pray that our marriage will be a testimony of Your faithfulness. Allow others to see Your love through us.

Bring us closer to each other and to You. I pray all of these things in Jesus’ name.


Prayer To Save Marriage From Divorce

Dear Lord, I come to you today in prayer for my marriage. Keep us from divorce Lord.

Our relationship has been through some tough times recently but I know that with Your love and support we can save it. I love my spouse with all of my heart, and I do not want to see our relationship end.

God, do Your divine work in our hearts and minds. Help us to overcome the obstacles that are causing division in our marriage. Help us return to the connection we once shared. Bind us together closer than before.

Lord, I pray that you would give us the strength to forgive one another, and the wisdom to resolve our differences. Grant us the patience to truly see things from the other person’s side and stop these daft fights.

Save my marriage, Lord.


Scripture Prayer For Marriage Restoration

God, I pray that as we turn to scripture and to prayer, our marriage will be restored.

Allow us to prosper in all things, and knit our hearts together in love. May we may bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. Living by Your holy words and teachings.

Through Your grace Lord, I pray that our love for one another will grow deeper each day and that we may rejoice in the good times and persevere in the difficult times. Our marriage can be restored. I know that I have faith in Your love for us.

I declare here and now that our faith shall hold us together and save our marriage.

I pray that we may always be generous with one another, forgiving each other as Christ has forgiven us. I pray that our home will be a place of peace and hope, a refuge from the world. I pray that God will bless our marriage and that we may live out our days together in happiness.

Thank you, Lord God.


Prayer For Separated Couples

Holy Father,

I ask for your help in this separation. I truly love my spouse and do not wish things to get worse.

I pray that your Holy Spirit will enter our hearts and bring us back together and help us to overcome our differences. Help us see eye to eye and live together in harmony. Help us to find forgiveness in our hearts and be able to move on from the past.

Hold us and allow us to trust each other again and build a strong foundation for our future together. A strong foundation for our marriage. I pray that we will be blessed with a happy and healthy life together.

In Jesus’ name.


Prayer To Save Your Broken Marriage

I come before you today, Lord, in need of Your help. In need of Your love and guidance. In need of my marriage being saved.

My marriage is in trouble. I need Your guidance and strength. I need Your love to shine through me so that my spouse can see how much I love them. I need Your support to hold strong in this moment of trial.

I need You to soften their heart and open their eyes to the true love we share. I need them to see how much I need them and how much they need me. Grant us both the wisdom and faith to work through our problems.

I know that with Your divine help, we can overcome anything. We can save our broken marriage.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer.


Depending on what has happened with your marriage, you could also use a more specific prayer such as a prayer for adultery or even a simple prayer for kindness.

With the help of God’s grace, anything is possible. No marriage is beyond saving and we need only ask for His divine help. A prayer for a broken marriage can not only save your marriage but can bring you closer than you’ve ever felt before.

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