12 Revered Prayers For Court Cases

Putting your faith in the Lord and offering prayers for court cases puts your fate (or that of your loved ones) in the hands of God. Asking for His divine guidance and intercession to watch over the case.

These prayers ask the Lord to provide more than just emotional support and help during a legal battle. They help you find strength in God’s love and remind you that He is ultimately in control.

You can use a prayer from our list below or, if you prefer, play this video in the background and allow us to offer a prayer on your behalf.

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Court Cases Prayers

Powerful Prayer For Court Cases

Lord God, I stand before You as one of Your own.

I place my faith in you. I call on Your strength and power to work on my behalf. I trust in You, dear lord. I know you see the real truth in the matter and grant favor with the judge and jury. Grant the lawyers the wisdom they need to win this case.

In Your illustrious and Holy name, I declare here and now that You are in control. Fate is in Your hands, and You want the best for us.

Thank You, Lord, for hearing and answering my prayer.

In the name of Jesus.


O God who declares me innocent. Take away my distress. Have mercy on me and hear my prayer.

Psalm 4:1

Prayer For A Good Outcome In Court

Holy Father,

I come before you faced with this court case.

I know that Your justice is perfect and that You are sovereign over every situation.

Please give me wisdom and discernment as this case progresses, and may Your will be done in the outcome. Watch over this case, Lord God. Give me the strength to persevere through this process, knowing that whatever the result, You are in control.

I ask that you grant us the strength to stand for what is truly right. Allow the truth of the matter to be seen and give the judge and jury the insight to see into the matter.

May Your will be done. In Your love and grace.


If you stand before someone working against you, share a prayer for stopping your enemies from calling on the Lord to intercede.

Prayer For Victory In Court Cases

Heavenly God,

The exalted and all-powerful Lord. I am in need of your help and guidance.

Our enemies stand before us and embroil us in a court case. Grant us Your divine and guiding wisdom and counsel to navigate and see victory. Grant us Your strength to remain calm and collected throughout the entire process.

With Your grace on our side, we’re able to stand before all challenges. None can hope to seek victory against Your will. Thank you for Your continued support and grace.

I praise your name in victory.


Prayer For People Awaiting Court Cases

Holy Father,

I pray for all those who are awaiting court cases.

Give them the courage to face their accusers, the wisdom to know what to say, and, above all, give them Your truth.

Grant us the power to change the course of the case and see Your divine grace and blessings as the case unfolds. Grant us peace in our hearts as we await the trail unfolding. Allow us to see victory in Your name.

In Your Son’s Name, Amen.

Prayer For God’s Protection In Court

Holy God,

Shield and protect us in Your armor. Send your angels and the Holy Spirit to embolden and protect us in court.

We seek your holy guidance and protection as we enter the court of law to fight for justice. We do not fear the outcome of this case because we know with Your help, we can face anything.

We seek your protection to keep us safe from harm and guide our words to speak clearly and true. We know You are by our side and nothing can hope to harm us.


Prayer For A Court Case To Be Dismissed

Father in Heaven,

As I enter this court case, I ask for Your hand to guide the judge and see the charges against us be dismissed. I trust in God’s justice, and here and now, I declare victory.

I know that God is with me, and I am not alone. Thank you for Your mercy, Your grace, and Your support in the outcome of this case.

Thank you, Lord God, for your guidance and protection.


Prayer For A Miracle In Court


I come to You in prayer to ask for Your miracle in court. We know the real truth in this matter but we need Your help and support.

Grant us Your angels. Send Your Holy agents to watch over us and guide us through this court case. Grant the strength and insight to know what to say and help the judge make the right decision.

Lord God, I need Your miracle. I need Your help. I need your courage to face whatever comes my way. I need your wisdom to see what is happening. I need Your protection and guidance.

I love and trust in You.


Prayer For A Loved One In Court

Holy God,

I pray on behalf of my loved one who stands accused and faces a court case. I pray for Your wisdom and insight to guide the proceedings in their favor.

I ask for their protection and for the strength to endure this case. Send Your angels to watch over them and allow them and their lawyers to be guided by Your hand. I ask all of this in Your name.


Prayer For Vindication In Court

O’ Lord,

I come before You to declare vindication and success in court. As I enter a legal battle, I need Your presence to face my accusers. I need to know. You are with me.

I need to feel Your presence as I face my accusers. I need to know that You will vindicate me, heavenly Father. I need to feel confident that I am innocent and that the truth will prevail. As I prepare for this battle, I ask for Your strength as my guide and protector.

Grant me Your wisdom, so I know how to act and what to say. Allow Your justice and guide this court case so that the truth will come to light and render a true and just verdict.

In the name of Jesus.


Prayer For Justice

Holy Father,

I call upon the forces of justice to right the wrongs that have been done. Grant Your holy justice.

I call upon the forces of fairness of truth to guide the decisions that are made and that compassion be shown to those who have been harmed. Grant Your holy fairness.

I call upon your power and strength for those who have been victimized and for wisdom for those who must seek justice on their behalf. Grant Your unmatched strength.

I believe that through prayer, we can open our hearts and minds to the possibility of justice being served. I ask for guidance for all who are involved in this process, so that they may be able to see the truth and act with integrity.

I pray that justice will be served in this case and that healing will begin for all involved.


Prayer To Win A Court Case

O’ Father,

I pray to you today, Lord, to ask for your grace and wisdom in this court case. I am innocent of the charges against me, and I know that your help and guidance will prove my innocence. Grant me Your guidance and shine Your light on the way forward.

Send me the strength to stand up for myself. I also ask for your protection so that I may be safe from harm during this time. I know that with your help, I will be able to win this court case and clear my name.

Hear my words, Lord.


Prayer For Justice And Fairness

Holy God, shine your justice and fairness on the world. May the scales be balanced and that those who have been dealt a hard hand will receive the grace they need to get by. I

End the hatred and bigotry, and allow Your divine compassion to rule the hearts of men. End all war and violence, and send your unending peace to reign in our hearts and in our world. End the poverty and pain, and pour your holy healing and hope to abound.

I pray for all of these things, knowing that only with your help can they come to pass.


No matter the outcome of your court case, know that you have the support of so many people who are praying for you. Know that God is here for you, even when you stand against your oppressors. These prayers come from a place of love and hope, and we all wish you the best as you go through this difficult time.

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