7 Powerful Prayers For Engaged Couples

For couples, prayer can be a valuable tool in preparing for marriage. It can help them focus their thoughts and connect more with God as they become one.

These prayers for engaged couples can help you and your future spouse become more intimate with one another. In addition, they can guide you emotionally and spiritually as you both prepare for your upcoming wedding.

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Engaged Prayers

Prayer For Engaged Couples

Lord God,

We pray that You will support and strengthen this couple through Your love and guidance as they prepare to begin their journey together. Do not let doubts and temptations rule over their relationship, and keep the love between them brimming with hope.

Shower them with blessings and best wishes as they build a life filled with love, joy, and happiness. Bless them with a faithful bond that is strong enough to surpass any obstacle that may come their way. In times of weariness, show them the light of Your grace so they will not go astray.

Bless this couple as they commit to each other in marriage and to You in their new life together. May You guide and protect them every step of the way.


Prayer For Newly Engaged Couples

Heavenly God,

As this newly engaged couple walks down the path of life together, we pray that they find strength and guidance in each other and Your grace. Protect them with Your light so they can look forward to a bright and promising future.

We also pray that they strive to build a deeper connection with You and with one another, and we ask that they be mindful of Your presence in their lives. Fill their hearts with love and feed their soul with wisdom so that they can endure whatever challenges that may come their way.

Help them find happiness and fulfillment as they continuously grow together in love and union. Bless their marriage with peace, prosperity, and joy as it deepens in spirit daily. Only through the warmth of Your embrace can they find the comfort they seek.

God, bless this couple in their new journey and watch over them as they take each path toward a blissful married life. Guide them through good and bad times, and fill them with love, compassion, faith, and understanding.


Christian Prayer For Engaged Couples

Beloved God,

We come before You today to pray for our friends who are about to have the wonderful gift of matrimony. Please, make their hearts flutter with excitement and anticipation; bless them with Your love and grace; shower them with a life full of happiness and faith.

Many challenges will come ahead as they embark on this new journey together, and there may be tons of doubts and temptations. However, we know that they will be able to face these challenges and obstacles through Your guidance and strength.

Today, we commit ourselves to pray for both of them, asking that You grant them wisdom and vision to make decisions based on love and compassion. Marriage is not an easy life, but we know that through a bond rooted in deep faith and trust in the Divine, they can get through anything together.

May You bless this couple and their families with love and joy during this time of celebration. Watch over them, now and always.


Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.

Proverbs 3:3-4

Loving Prayer For Engaged Couples


I pray that You will be at the center of the relationship of this engaged couple. I pray that their love grows deeper and their bond grows stronger each day. Shine Your light upon them and fill their hearts with peace, joy, and loyalty.

I pray that they will be kind to one another, patient with one another, and forgiving of one another. I pray that they will cherish one another and consistently seek to put each other first. Let Your love strengthen and empower their ability to overcome whatever challenges come their way.

I pray that their relationship would be a testimony of Your presence and that they would be a light in the world for You. May they be a great example of how God’s love can strengthen another form of love.


Scripture For Engaged Couples

Short Engagement Prayer

Dear God,

We come to You today to pray for all engaged couples worldwide. We wish them all the best in life as they start a new journey together. We hope that they never forget to seek Your guidance and support. You are their Creator and Protector; only in You can they find peace and comfort.

Oh Lord, bring them closer to You as they prepare for a lifetime of love and companionship. Strengthen their bond with one another and keep them steady on Your path. No matter what happens, guide them as they take every step in achieving Your blessings.


Prayers Of The Faithful For Engaged Couples

Almighty Father,

As our friends enter this new stage of their lives, we offer our prayers to You. We ask that You fill their hearts with excitement, joy, and passion as they prepare for their wedding. Afterward, continue to guide, support, and help them make wise and loving decisions as they become husband and wife.

Allow them to commit to You and the growth of their relationship. Take care of their well-being as well as that of their future children. Shower them with love, patience, understanding, and kindness as they learn to navigate their new life together.

We pray that You become a pillar for them to lean on when times get weary and complicated. Marriage is not easy, and it will cost a lot of time and effort. However, we are confident that they can overcome all the challenges they may face as their love continues.

May Your light shine upon this engaged couple, and may You help them be examples of Your grace and strength for all those around them.


Supportive Prayer For Engaged Couples


I ask for heaven’s blessings on this couple as they plan their future life together. I pray they will always be faithful and loyal to each other, and their love will grow deeper and stronger as the years come. These can only happen by Your grace, so I seek Your light to shine upon them.

I pray they will be patient and understanding with each other and meet both triumphs and defeats with equal grace. Of course, they are not perfect individuals, and I know their marriage will also have flaws, but they will keep praising Your name as they receive Your courage and wisdom.

I pray they will always look to each other for comfort and strength and that their home will be a place of happiness, peace, and love. Protect them and their future children as they give their best to offer their service to You and Your people.

I ask all these things in Jesus’ name.


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Loving your partner while keeping God at the center is one of the best things that could ever happen in a relationship. It can help you deepen your bond while strengthening your connection with God.

These prayers for engaged couples can help you and your partner focus on the good things as you enter a new chapter in life. We hope they can help you find peace, love, and happiness as you prepare to be together forever.

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