4 Powerful Prayers For Him To Call Me

There is no insignificant prayer. Even if it is just some prayers for him to call me that you want to say, it would still be meaningful and spiritual.

Prayers are one of the most powerful weapons anyone can have. Whether you are simply praying for a loved one who has drifted away, or you are simply pleading for God’s help, the sincerity in your prayer is all that matters.

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Prayer to Get Him to Call You

Prayer For Someone To Talk To You

Dear God,

I pray for someone to talk to me, and I pray to find You in that person. I pray that I may find Your divine words in our conversation, and I pray that I may see Your light in his face. Grant us both Your love and wisdom so that we may find our purpose in this world.

I pray that I may hear Your word in that person’s every word. I pray that I may feel Your warmth in his every touch, and I pray that I may know Your peace in every moment we share together. Let us feel Your presence and shower our newly found friendship with blessings of faith, trust, and hope.

I believe in You and the plans You have for me. I know that there is someone out there who You have destined to find me.


Prayer To Get Him To Call You


I pray that my path is carefully leading me to the man I am supposed to be with. I pray that the bond that I and my partner have started is the same bond that You have written to be my destiny.

Although we are at odds right now, I pray that he will find me in the same place where we suspended our relationship. I pray that he will call me soon so that we can continue our journey together. I pray that You both give us the courage to fight for the love that You have bestowed upon us.

Bless our relationship, oh Lord, and let Your angels watch over us. Grant us a life full of happiness, and lead us together to the right path toward Your undying grace. I ask You all these with a hopeful heart.


Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

Prayer To Get Him To Text You


I realize that I have been spending more time on my phone than I would like to admit. I am constantly checking notifications, even when I know there is nothing there. I am being distracted by the hope that I always give myself.

I tell myself that I am just waiting for a text from him, even though I know he is not going to text me. I make myself believe that he is probably just busy doing other more important things. I am constantly distressing myself over something I am not even sure about.

I know I need to break this habit, but I cannot seem to help myself. So, I decided to pray for help. I pray that he would text me, even though I know it is not likely. I pray that I would be able to put my phone down and stop obsessing over it. I pray that You help me realize the value of self-love and self-respect.

I pray to You, dear Lord, that I find peace and contentment, even if he never texts me.


Prayer To Make Someone Think Of You

Lord God,

I pray that he thinks of me more often and that I stay in his mind and heart. I pray that he notices the little things about me and that I create a significant impact in his life. I pray that he misses me when I am not around and that he will always be close no matter how far we are apart.

I pray that our love continues to grow, each day stronger than the last. I pray that we become stronger to be able to resist distractions and temptations. I pray that we will always be there for each other, no matter what life throws our way.

Father, make it happen that we do not take each other for granted. Make us realize the value we have as individual persons, too. Allow us to respect and cherish ourselves first so we can respect and cherish each other as well.

Last but definitely not least, let us always be best friends and not just lovers so we can keep our bond strong and our relationship brimming with love and passion. I pray for all these things and more.


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A prayer is a powerful tool that can be used to bring about change in our lives. Always remember as well that the Lord never discriminates. There is no ‘most significant’ and ‘least significant’ when it comes to His children’s prayers.

These prayers for him to call me are meant to help you focus your thoughts and energy on what you want, while also opening yourself up to receive blessings from the Divine. Do not ever think that the Lord is not listening to your prayers. Rather, trust His plans and trust His timing.

Have faith that these prayers will work for you, and be sure to thank God for His guidance when things start to change in your favor. You are your Father’s child; He will listen to your requests.

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