7 Divine Prayers For My Future Wife

People often say that women complete men. We agree because even the Bible says so. Hence, if you are single and still waiting for the love of your life, it would be a good idea to offer a prayer for her.

These prayers for your future wife can help you prepare your heart while waiting. Seek patience and trust in the Lord’s name and ask for the ability to discern what qualities to look for in a spouse.

Most of all, ask God to guide you as you start building a family that is full of love and happiness.

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Praying For Your Future Wife

Prayer For My Future Wife

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to You today with a humble heart and a grateful spirit. I am forever thankful for all the blessings I continuously receive and the things I have yet to experience. I only borrowed this life from You, but You keep on pouring me only beautiful things.

I know that You will unite me one day with my future wife. When that day comes, I pray that You will guide and help me conquer her heart every step of the way. I also hope You give me the wisdom to know how to deal with all her requests.

Let me always be loving, kind, and patient with her and our future children. Guide me as I strive to meet and support all her and our children’s needs. Grant me an understanding heart and mind that I may be able to assist her in all of her endeavors.

I will rely on Your unfailing love and grace in the face of all challenges as I build a life with my future wife. I know many temptations are waiting for me to give in, but I will stay firm no matter what.

I trust in You and Your Son, Jesus, knowing that You will give me everything I need to be the husband she deserves.


Prayer To Attract Your Future Wife

Lord Almighty,

I know that You have great plans for me, and I shall follow according to Your will. Whether or not You have destined me to be with a wife is all up to Your perfect choice.

In this prayer, however, I ask that if You want me to be with someone, let me find her akin to Your divine purpose. When the fateful day arrives, let me then be a husband who will love her wife dearly as much as You love us. Help me become the best husband to deserve her love.

I pray for her future, and I hope that we will become lifelong best friends, lovers, and partners. Let me have the wisdom to understand her wishes and satisfy her needs, and let me support her tirelessly for long as I live.

I pray for our love to be strong, passionate, honest, and trustworthy. Let us communicate openly and freely as we share our innermost thoughts and feelings. I promise to listen to her whenever she feels troubled and weary. I swear that I will be her friend and confidant.

Allow us, Oh Lord, to have a happy and fulfilling marriage, one that is with love, laughter, and joyful days. Thank You, in advance, for bringing my future wife into my life according to Your perfect timing and plan.


Future Wife Prayer For My Girlfriend

Dear God,

My girlfriend is a woman of Christ, and I pray that she will remain the same even after becoming my wife. I hope she stays as someone who loves Christ more than I, always kind, gentle, and sweet. Let us grow together in faith day by day as our marriage becomes more resolute.

Guide her in all her endeavors, Lord, and let her remain strong and faithful. Remind her every day of Your presence so that she will never waiver in her trust in You and that she will always put You first in her life. She is not perfect, but I love the way she is. I know that with Your grace, she can be more outstanding.

I also pray that I can be a man worthy of such a woman. Guide me to become as exceptional as her in terms of serving You. Bless my soul with a heart that seeks Your love every day so that I may be a good husband to her.

I pray for us and our future together, Lord. I know that Christ is with us to guide and deliver us to the warmth of Your glory.


Prayer For Becoming A Future Husband

Everliving God,

I pray that I may be a good and faithful husband. Please grant me the strength to resist all temptations so that I may be able to focus on her. I promise always to put You in the center of our relationship.

I pray that I will be patient and kind, always seeking to understand my wife and making her feel loved. She deserves all the goodness in the world, so I ask that You help me make her always feel happy.

I pray for the strength to be a good provider and protector, always putting her and our children’s needs above my own. Guide me as I fulfill the duties of a loving, responsible husband and father.

I pray for wisdom in dealing with the challenges of married life and for the courage to always do what is right. I promise to always be there for her no matter the obstacles and always listen first before concluding.

I pray that I may be a source of comfort and joy to my future wife and children and that our family will be a testament to our love for each other. I ask all this in Jesus’ name.


An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.

Proverbs 31:10

Prayer To Be A Good Future Husband

Dear Lord,

As I prepare to take on the critical role of being a husband, please fill me with a deep sense of peace and calm. Show me the light of Your way so that I may never go tempted and astray.

I am aware of the many gifts and qualities that I can bring to this marriage, but I know that I will still need Your guidance and support to be the best partner possible. I am imperfect, and my flaws may accidentally cause some misunderstandings. As such, please help my future wife to be more understanding and calm.

Give me the clarity of mind and an open heart to always put my wife’s needs before mine. It is not easy to be a good husband, but I know that I can be one as long as I follow Your path. Help me in any way possible to make her feel loved, appreciated, and supported at all times.

I also ask for the wisdom, Oh Lord, to discern things wisely. If I ever become a father, I hope You can help me watch over my children the same way You watch over us. Grant me the ability to comprehend their thoughts and feelings so we can all live in peace and harmony.

Finally, bestow me patience and compassion to stay calm during tough times or when things do not go as planned. Help me become braver to find alternative ways; let me have peace of mind as I carefully contemplate.

I trust that You will always be there for my future family and me whenever we need help or guidance. I know that You will give us the inner strength to overcome any obstacles that may come our way.


Scripture For Future Wife

Prayer For My Son’s Future Wife

Father in Heaven,

I pray for my son’s future wife that she will be a woman of wisdom and strength. I hope she is capable of reading and understanding any situation, and she can make quick yet wise decisions.

I pray that she has fear over You and can resist all that is evil and tempting. While she loves my son dearly, I also pray that she loves You with all her heart and more than anything else.

I pray that she will be a good mother to my grandchildren and a faithful wife to my son. As she is about to become a part of our family, I also pray that she will be able to love everything that is a part of it.

Let her be a light in the darkness, an example to all who know her. Bless her beyond measure so that her married life with my son will be full of joy and hope. I believe that my son deserves a remarkable woman like her and that she also deserves an amazing man like my son.

Help them both, Lord, to make each other a better person. We ask all these in the name of Jesus Christ.


Happy Birthday Prayer To My Future Wife

Dear God,

Today is my future wife’s birthday, and I come before You to pray for her. I wish her good health and long-lasting life. I thank the day she was born and her parents who brought her into this world. But above all, I thank You for bringing such a wonderful woman into my life.

Lord, I ask that You shower her life with many blessings today, tomorrow, and forever. Let her realize how much I love her and that she will always be the one that my heart will need. Her beauty grows more and more each day, and I will always be grateful that she chose me above everyone else.

I also wish her to be an amazing mother to our future children. She may not know it yet, but I know that our kids will love their mom as much as I do. So likewise, we will all love each other as much as how You and Your Son, Jesus, love us.

Please help my future wife succeed in whatever endeavors she puts her mind to. It is not an easy task to be a wife, a mother, and a career woman, but I know she can be one. She can do anything with You and by Your grace.

On this day, her most precious day, I hope she feels loved, cherished, and adored not just by me but also by the people around her. I wish her the happiest birthday today and all the years to come.


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Finding the right woman (or person) to marry may be challenging. However, we don’t know our destiny, and we can’t force things not meant to be.

So, while preparing for her arrival (or maybe preparing for your wedding if you have already found “the one”), it would be a great idea to offer a prayer for your future wife and ask the Lord for guidance and grace.

He may not answer right away but believe in the power of prayers. He is probably just busy preparing the best love story for you.

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