54 Christian Prayers & Bible Verses for My Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Sometimes our hearts ache with the burden of our partner’s choices. We understand the pain you’re going through, and these prayers for your husband to leave the other woman can help bring your marriage back to firmer ground.

These prayers will serve as a balm for your soul and a guiding light on the path to healing and restoration. 🙏

Prayers for My Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Short Prayer For Your Marriage

Blessed Father,

Guide my husband’s heart back to our sacred union. Fill him with Your divine love, casting away temptation. Strengthen our bond, reminding us of our vows in Your presence.

Grant both of us the wisdom to heal and reconcile, forever faithful to You.


Matthew 5:32

but I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, except for the reason of unchastity, makes her commit adultery and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

prayer point for my husband to leave the other woman

Prayer For Your Husband To Stop Cheating

My God,

You are the ultimate source of love and unity. I stand before You today, seeking Your guidance and intervention in my marriage. I ask that You lead my husband away from temptation and restore our relationship as You intended.

Mighty Savior,

Fill my husband’s heart with Your love, that he may turn away from his unfaithful ways. May Your Holy Spirit work in him, transforming him into the loving and faithful partner You created him to be. Empower him to break the chains of infidelity and help him find the courage to leave the other woman.

Gracious Lord,

I thank You for the gift of my marriage and ask that You protect it from the enemy’s snares. As I place my trust in You, may You provide comfort, healing, and strength to my husband and me during this difficult time. Surround us with Your divine presence and guide us back to one another.

Divine Healer,

I pray for the other woman involved in this situation. May she find Your love and guidance and be led toward a more fulfilling and righteous path. Grant her the wisdom and understanding to let go of what is not rightfully hers, allowing our marriage to heal and flourish again.

In closing, I trust in Your promise from Corinthians 13:7, “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” Through Your love, I know my marriage can be restored.



Romans 7:2

For the married woman is bound by law to her husband while he is living but if her husband dies, she is released from the law concerning the husband.

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Prayer For Adulterous Husband

Holy Father,

In this pain and turmoil, I come before You, trusting in Your divine wisdom and infinite love. I surrender my marriage, my husband, and myself to You, Lord.

Heavenly Father, I humbly ask You to work in my husband’s heart. May he remember his commitment to our marriage and our sacred vows before You. Guide him back to me, leaving behind the temptation of adultery.

Gracious Lord, fill my heart with patience and strength as I trust in Your plan for our marriage. Help me forgive my husband and find the courage to support him as he turns away from the other woman.

Mighty God, remind us both of Your unwavering love and faithfulness. Rekindle the love and trust that once anchored our relationship. May we grow stronger in our bond and closer to You.

Everlasting Father, I release my fears and doubts into Your loving arms, knowing that You will protect and restore our marriage. Grant us the grace to rebuild our relationship on the foundation of Your truth.

Holy Father, I trust You, knowing You will guide us back to each other and heal our broken hearts. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Matthew 15:19

For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders.

my husband to leave the other woman bible verse

Prayer Against The Other Woman

Blessed Lord,

In Your mighty presence, I stand in awe. Your power and love surround me, and I know You hear my prayer. As I bring forth my marriage situation, I ask for Your divine intervention.

Heavenly Father, I pray against the other woman who has entered my husband’s life. I ask that You remove her influence and separate them in Your wisdom and grace. Let Your Spirit convict my husband’s heart, guiding him back to our marriage and Your perfect plan for our lives.

God of Mercy, restore my husband’s love for me. Strengthen our bond and let our marriage testify to Your unwavering love. Heal our wounds and let forgiveness reign in our hearts. May we be one, as You have intended from the beginning.

Almighty God, protect my marriage from the schemes of the enemy. I trust in Your power to deliver us from evil influences or temptations. Help us to walk in Your light and grow in Your love.

Dear Lord, I surrender this struggle to You. I know that with You, nothing is impossible. I believe You will answer my prayer and mend our broken hearts. Thank You for Your unfailing love and for hearing my heartfelt plea.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Matthew 5:28

but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

prayer about my husband to leave the other woman

Prayer For Husband To Stop Lusting

Saintly Lord,

In Your infinite wisdom and divine love, I stand before You, amazed by the power You hold. My heart swells with faith and hope as I humbly ask for Your guidance and intervention.

Father, I pray for my husband, who has been entangled in the web of lust. Set his heart ablaze with Your holy fire, O Lord, to purge him of these desires that lead him astray.

Mighty Redeemer, place a hedge of protection around our marriage. Fortify our bond and rekindle the love that once ignited our souls. Let our commitment to one another be a testament to Your divine plan.

Graceful Savior, open my husband’s eyes to the beauty and sanctity of our union. Awaken in him the desire to honor and cherish me as his one true partner, as You have intended.

Restore the love and faithfulness that once blossomed within our relationship in Your supreme mercy. Release the chains of temptation that bind him and grant him the strength to walk in Your light.

Saintly Lord, I stand in awe of Your boundless love and compassion. I declare this prayer answered, knowing that Your will is done and Your grace is sufficient.

In Jesus’ name,


Hebrews 13:4

Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.

prayers for my husband to leave the other woman

Prayer To Remove The Other Woman

Our Father, Mighty Creator and Sustainer of all life, I stand before You in awe of Your greatness and grace.

Holy Spirit, Divine Comforter and Counselor, I humbly invite Your presence into this stormy season of my life.

I lift my marriage to You, O Lord, As I seek Your divine intervention. Remove the other woman from my husband’s life, and rekindle our love, pure and true.

Heavenly Father, protect my husband from the snares of temptation and strengthen our bond as husband and wife. Fill our hearts with love, understanding, and forgiveness as we walk side by side in Your divine light.

O Sovereign Lord, In Your mercy, break the chains of infidelity and restore our marriage to its original beauty. Bring us closer to You, O God, as we seek refuge in Your unending love.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare that our marriage shall be restored and strengthened, and the enemy’s plans to destroy it shall be defeated.

Holy Spirit, empower us to forgive, rebuild, and guide our steps toward fulfilling Your purpose.

In Jesus’ mighty name, I pray, Amen.

Matthew 19:9

And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery.

prayer about my husband to leave the other woman

Bible Verses for My Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Proverbs 6:32

He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself.

my husband to leave the other woman bible verse

Corinthians 6:18

Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.

my husband to leave the other woman bible verse

James 4:17

If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.

my husband to leave the other woman prayer point

Proverbs 19:20

Listen to counsel and accept discipline, That you may be wise the rest of your days.

my husband to leave the other woman prayer point

Matthew 19:6

So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.

my husband to leave the other woman bible verse

Ephesians 4:32

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

prayer point for my husband to leave the other woman

Proverbs 19:1

Better is a poor person who walks in his integrity than one who is crooked in speech and is a fool.

my husband to leave the other woman bible verse

Ezekiel 18:11

though he himself did not do any of these things), that is, he even eats at the mountain shrines, and defiles his neighbor’s wife,

prayer point for my husband to leave the other woman

Romans 3:23

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

prayer for my husband to leave the other woman

Luke 8:17

For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.

prayer point for my husband to leave the other woman

Acts 17:30

Therefore having overlooked the times of ignorance, God is now declaring to men that all people everywhere should repent,

prayer point for my husband to leave the other woman

Corinthians 7:10

But to the married I give instructions, not I, but the Lord, that the wife should not leave her husband

prayer for my husband to leave the other woman

Corinthians 6:9

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals,

my husband to leave the other woman bible verse

Ezekiel 18:6

and does not eat at the mountain shrines or lift up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, or defile his neighbor’s wife or approach a woman during her menstrual period—

prayer about my husband to leave the other woman

Prayer Points for My Husband To Leave The Other Woman

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit convicts your husband to repent and commit to your marriage.
  • Pray for divine intervention to open his eyes to the consequences of his actions.
  • Pray that God’s grace guides your husband to resist temptation.
  • Pray for emotional healing and forgiveness in your relationship.
  • Pray that your love becomes a testimony of God’s redemptive power.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment in your husband’s choices.
  • Pray that your husband’s relationship with God deepens.
  • Pray for a spirit of reconciliation and open communication.
  • Pray that your marriage stands firm on God’s Word.
  • Pray for the other woman to seek healing and restoration.

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