8 Sanctified Prayers For Single Mothers

Being a single mom can be overwhelming, and caring for your child or children while making ends meet is not a joke. However, that does not mean that you cannot survive and raise your kids well.

These prayers for single mothers can help you (or if you know someone who is) to come closer to God and seek His strength. Whenever you feel down or troubled, ask for His comfort and guidance. He shall never leave or forsake you.

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Single Mothers Prayers

Short Prayer For Single Mothers

Lord God,

I pray for all the single mothers out there and their children. It’s tough being a single parent, particularly on the part of raising kids and doing everything without a partner. But, I hope they find the light of Your love so they won’t ever feel alone. Remind them that they are doing a great job and that many people are willing to help them.

Please give them the strength to keep going and the wisdom to know what to do. Bless them and their children with good health and happiness. Despite the situation, allow them to grow up as responsible, loving, and caring adults.

I pray for all of this through Your Son, Jesus Christ.


Prayer For Single Pregnant Mothers

Almighty Father,

I come before You today to pray for all the single pregnant mothers facing this difficult time in their lives. Parenthood may be a nerve-racking experience, but I know that they will find it joyful and fulfilling with Your grace and guidance.

It can be a struggle to provide for oneself and a growing child, but I trust You will give these women the strength and resilience to persevere. Please give them courage and determination to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

I ask that You fill them with peace and hope so that they may weather every storm that comes their way. It is never easy to get by while raising a child, but I know that they will do a great job through Your love and presence.

I pray for the partners of these women that they lend their support in any way possible. Even if things did not work out for them and the mothers, I hope they are responsible enough to stand for their children.

I pray for guidance as these mothers seek help from individuals and organizations in Your name. May they find the comfort and assistance they need to flourish in their journey as parents.


Prayer For Single Mothers And Their Kids

Heavenly God,

I pray for all the single mothers and their children. It is not easy becoming both a mother and a father, but I know they can do a great job through Your presence and guidance.

Please, give these mothers the wisdom, strength, and patience they need to raise their children properly. Then, guide them as they all walk down the path to Your righteousness, searching for Your glory.

I also pray for their children to grow up healthy and happy. It is not easy being a single parent, and it is not easy being a child of one. I pray that despite this, however, they will never forget how much You love and care for them.

May God bless all these single mothers and their kids throughout their journey.


Prayer For The Protection Of Single Mothers

Jesus Christ,

We come before You today to humbly pray for our single mothers. Please, always keep them and their children safe and give them strength and guidance.

These women face many struggles as single parents every day, but we know they can survive with Your help. Watch over them and shield them from harm, both physically and emotionally, so that they can continue to be a pillar of fortitude and hope for their kids.

Shower them with Your love, comfort, and peace as they do their daily duties. We know that they can overcome all the trials and hardships that may come their way, but they need Your guidance.

Lord, help these amazing women to thrive despite the obstacles they may face. Let them continue to inspire us all with their strength and resilience. You are a powerful and ever-living God. We know that in Your grace, they can become more empowered individuals.


She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:25-27

Christian Prayer For Single Mothers

Father in Heaven,

I come to You today in a spirit of humility and gratitude. I am grateful for Your love and support, especially in this time of great challenge. I believe that only through Your divine grace and love will I be able to come to terms with my current situation.

I know that I am not alone, as I seek to care for my children and provide for their needs. I know that I can rely on You to guide me through each day, keeping my family close to Your heart. Your light will forever shine above us as we face each day with confidence.

Lord, I ask that You give me the strength and wisdom I need to overcome the obstacles I face as a single mother. Help me find purpose in my struggles, and always remind me of Your love. I know I can do anything as long as I have You and Your presence.

Let me be more patient with my children, and fill my heart with hope. Grant me peace of mind and the courage to move forward no matter what comes my way. I am perfectly aware of how difficult it can be to raise these kids on my own, but I know that I can survive this with You by my side.

Help me put You at the center of everything I do as a single mother. Let me always turn towards you in times of joy or disappointment, knowing that You are there to hear my prayers and lift me when I feel lost or alone.

In Your name, I pray.


Scripture For Single Mothers

Prayer For Strength For Single Mom

Oh Merciful God,

I am a single mother, and I feel so alone. I cannot do this myself, and I need Your help and grace. I know that You will never leave me, but help me put my trust and faith in You. Only through Your grace can I lift the burden off my heart.

Lord, lend me the courage to make it through each day and give me the strength to focus my energy on my kids. It is challenging for us, but I know we can survive as long as we have You by our side. As I travel this journey, I ask for Your guidance; shine Your light upon me so I will never go astray.

I come before You today in humility. Please help me get through this unfamiliar feeling, and please help me become a good mother despite my extraordinary situation. I ask all this in Your Son’s name.


Morning Prayer For Single Mothers

Father God,

I wake up each morning and thank You for all my blessings. I especially thank You for my children, for without them, my life would never be great as it is now. I may not have been blessed with a good partner, but I am happy that I have the most beautiful children one could ever have.

Lord, give me the strength to get through the day, wisdom to make good decisions, and patience to deal with anything that comes my way. I believe in the power of Your glory, and I know that You will always be with me no matter where I go and what I do.

I also pray for the other single mothers struggling to keep their heads up. I hope that they will find the strength to overcome their troubles and that they realize that they are not alone in this journey.

Help us all, Oh Lord, to find comfort in the knowledge that You are with us always.


Prayer For Struggling Single Mother

Lord God,

Today, we come before You to pray for our friend, a struggling single mother. She feels she can’t survive this situation, but we know that through Your help, she will be able to do so. Grant her divine strength to get through each day and give her peace and comfort to heal her heart and soul.

Let her realize that she is not alone and that others care about her. Many people are rooting for her success, especially now that she is experiencing challenging circumstances. Help her become a good example and inspiration to all people, particularly those who find themselves in the same position.

Give her the courage to ask for help whenever she needs it, and make her realize that there is no shame in admitting that she needs assistance. The people around her understand what she is going through, and they are willing to lend a helping hand as much as they can.

Lord, help this woman, Your child, know how much we care about her. We will forever be praying for her success and happiness.


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Motherhood is one of God’s greatest blessings. But sometimes, it becomes challenging whenever certain things happen between the father and mother. Unfortunately, these things may be inevitable, so all we can do is pray.

We hope that these prayers for single mothers can help you (or someone you know) find peace and comfort in God’s embrace. Never forget that you are not alone. God is with you, and He will help you through your struggles.

Pray every day and ask for strength. It can be tough to raise your children alone, but the Lord hears our prayers. He will answer them in His own time.

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